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The Sports for Kids Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for physically and emotionally challenged children throughout the United States and Canada.

Sports For Kids, Inc., now Sports For Kids Foundation, was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1990 with a mission to assist physically and emotionally challenged children throughout the United States and Canada through sports-related fundraisers. Proceeds raised from Sports for Kids events have provided specific forms of assistance to the beneficiaries, with a primary focus on children whose families have limited resources available to meet the child's needs.

An example of gifts presented to date include wheelchairs, nebulizers, medicines, therapy sessions, camp experiences, “wish gifts”, hearing aids, and glasses, as well as VCR's, educational videos, and hearing and communication testing equipment for schools and hospitals. The Sports For Kids Foundation has also underwritten the costs for several children to participate in local, state, and national athletic events for challenged persons.

The Sports For Kids Foundation annually hosts a sports memorabilia auctions in Omaha, Nebraska. The foundation has also held events in Chicago, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City. “Take Me Back to the Ballgames” featured former major leaguers from the 1940's-1970's sharing insights and stories about the game, when they played, and the game today. In the mid-1990's, the Sports For Kids Foundation and Honorary Director Val Skinner hosted 3 LPGA pro-am golf tournaments in Omaha, while the foundation was also named as the designated charity for the Nebraska PGA Section.

Future events are currently being planned or considered for other communities, and will feature current and former sports legends as participants. The end result is that the Sports For Kids Foundation will be able to provide assistance to more and more children. If you would like to help, please contact us with your suggestions.

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